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Logbook - Welcome Captain! :D

Term of Use

Using this Logbook as a mobile application will refer to the Terms and Conditions. By downloading and installing this app on your mobile device, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you may not use or download this Application.


Logbook (http://www.Logbook.travel) is a social media about travel stories that can be accessed through the site and Logbook application designed by PT. Indiscoveria Jelajah Nusantara

Use of Personal Application

This application is intended for anyone who love traveling are 15 years or older and residing all over the world, especially Indonesia. For the whom have downloaded the application and are willing to receive the information provided in the application also provides information via Logbook application and sites.
You and other are given the right to interact and utilize the data in the logbook application, provided they do not conflict with Rule Logbook, law, morality, and public order. Owner and Administrator Logbook application shall not be liable for any loss arising from using Logbook application. Application users are prohibited from interception, unauthorized access and other things that lead to and or is expected to cause disruption in the Logbook application.


You acknowledge that you are responsible for any information that you provide on this web site and Logbook application, including the accuracy, validity, reliability, and suitability of all information. If you download any material from this website, you do so at your own discretion and risk.

Rules and Disclaimer

•Regulations and the following disclaimer applies and manage to all content on the site and in the Logbook. Content in the logbook, including text, images and URLs inputting personal information that is given by the user. Kindly be read carefully before registering themselves and participate in all media Logbook. By accessing the site or application Logbook and you are registered as a user than we claim that you agree to comply with the following:

  1. •Users and visitors are personally and fully responsible on the content or material written and published, and you agree to release and not to burden both websites and applications Logbook managers, administrators, moderators or owners for any claims incurred are in caused by the existing content publishing.

  2. •Logbook not entitled subject to prosecution for any statement, misstatement, inaccuracy or lack of any content that is sent by the Logbook users. Logbook not responsible for accuracy of the content of the logbook and will not have any legal responsibility for the content results issued by the user.

  3. •If you participate in Logbook application and our site, you are personally and fully responsible that you will not:

    1. - Defame, abuse, harass or threaten others

    2. - Issuing statements SARA (tribe, religion, race)

    3. - Suggest unlawful acts

    4. - Publish and infringe rights of third parties or the law

    5. - Publishing or distributing content and language that is pornographic, vulgar and unethical

  4. •You are responsible for ensuring that any content on the Logbook application, either text or image does not violate copyrights, patents and violated context. If you find any posts or images that violates the copyright, please contact the site administrator or Logbook team listed on our site.

  5. •Every journey/trip published in this application is owned by user and the truth of the information inside the journey is users responsibility. And we perceive all information is valid.

  6. •The content of the messages that exist in the Logbook application content cannot be changed by the Logbook. However, Logbook reserve the right to delete any messages deemed inappropriate and violate the context. If you find any posts objectionable or offensive, please contact the site administrator

  7. •Logbook not monitoring the messages published on this site at any time. If you want to contact Logbook, please send us an email through the address listed in another section of this site.

  8. If you are not able to fulfill the regulations listed above. If you do not agree with the rules above, you are not eligible to use our application and cancel as Logbook users. For those who break the rules, we reserve the right to discontinue the use of or access to this application without any prior warning.

    The Logbook may modify regulations referred above from time to time without prior notice.